10 October 2022

10 leather goods designers are featured at APLF ASEAN

10 renowned Asian brands who we feature at APLF ASEAN, will share their entrepreneurial story and have their iconic collection displayed at APLF ASEAN on Oct 19-21, 2022.

Anne Natalia


Anne Natalia with a degree in Interior design from The National Institute of Technology (ITENAS) has fallen for handcrafted leatherwork, especially the hand-stitching technique since 2014. Anne and her spouse Paul discovered their passion with leather when they first took a leather workshop in Yogyakarta.  They fell in love with everything leatherwork offers; the smells of the leather, the endurance of it, the traditional methods, how the needles and the threads crossing through creates beautiful stitches, how enjoyable the progress is. 


And from that passion, Jetalla’aneiu was born.  The brand focuses on handmade products, mainly to capture and showcase the beauty of leather craftsmanship and the leather itself. While Anne and Paul are the ones who curate every art piece, the production is tempting. Yet their greatest fear is to lose the joy and enjoyment that made them fall in love with the work in the first place. Until now they have been emphasizing quality over quantity, creating leathergoods with best materials and tools. 

Javamond Pavoradom

Co-founder and Designer


S’UVIMOL prides itself in creating pieces of art from the world’s finest skins ; Crocodile, Ostrich, Lizard, Stingray and Python. The exquisite bags employ first-class raw materials procured from all over the world as well as coloring from the world’s best tanneries. These unique and well-crafted products are brought to life by highly skilled artisans with an impeccable and lasting finish.


Committed to highlighting and exhibiting exotic skins in the best light, S’UVIMOL has been delivering exceptional-quality, functionality and chic design since 2011. After tremendous success in Bangkok, in 2014 the brand launched its first store in the Middle East ; Bahrain and expanded to UAE and Kuwait. S’UVIMOL bags are also popular among world’s fashion celebrities and movie stars such as Nicky Hilton, Byran Boy, Olivia Palermo and Hillary Duff.

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Jiratot Tiranut

Bangkok Bootery 

Bangkok Bootery is an exotic leather company founded in 1937 in Thailand. Handcrafting and offering the highest quality of leather and exotic skin goods such as bags, shoes, belt, jacket and a wide range of other small leather accessories. 


From 80 years of experience in the leather and supplier have made the company one of the most than 20 stores across the country. Bangkok Bootery is dedicated to use the highest standard of leather and is one of the brands in Thailand that remains unrivalled in the world of exotic skin products both men and women. All the Exotic leather products are made with genuine Exotic skins, such as Crocodile, python, Ostrich, Stingray and etc with cites.  

Kawalee Wu

La Mitra 

Kawalee Wu was inspired by her father’s career in the leather industry, and her mother’s passion for Thai crafts, so she decided to study fashion marketing at the University of Derby. Kawalee’s urge to build a brand to create value for Thai crafts and create a sustainable income for the indigenous people brings La Mitra to reality. 


The brand La Mitra was founded in 2019, named after the Thai word ‘มิตร’ meaning friendly and eco-friendly and ‘เมตตา’ meaning kind and giving. La Mitra’s mission is to reduce byproducts from the food industry in a mindfully conscious way as well as to empower indigenous women by hiring them with a truthful cost structure and to take pride in their traditions. The brand raised funds from Shark Tank Thailand in 2019, won Demark Design Excellence Award and was featured in The Clouds magazine. Starting a business during the age of Covid-19 wasn’t easy but La Mitra is enthusiastic to create a better world through their business model, and practices.

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Nannaphat Sirasitsiri 


The founders Khun Fai and Khun Tee started to learn making leather bags from Japanese artisan as a hobby in 2015. Since then they have been obsessed with every detail of bag-making, from how to choose the best kind of leather, how to make bag patterns, how to stitch and put everything together into a leather bag. In 2019, they turned their passion into a brand, Marroque, to present themselves through designs.


Marroque has introduced a variety of bags of simple functionality, minimalism and high-quality. The signature Wendy model is widely recognized. Designed by Thai designers, it is the version after improvements and trials. Marroque’s design is all about functionality, looks, and durability for every occasion.

Nont Pongpairoj & 

Nuttida Kedjarun


dash. was founded in 2019 and is a lifestyle brand for modern men and women who seek simplicity in their ever-busy life. They believe in creating better experience through simplicity in everyday life. dash.’s mission is to help remove frustrations and inconvenience from daily tasks and therefore design everyday products & services that help create a seamless experience to make customers’ day more enjoyable.


The brand name dash. is inspired by Morse Code, a universal communication language that brings the world together through mere “dashes” and “dots”, comes a philosophy of “Doing More with Less.” – The art of creating seamless experience through minimal design solutions, free from complexities, that is easy to understand and simple to use.


One of their iconic collections, the DA17 Conductor & DA18 Sling bag recently won Silver Awards at the prestigious A’Design Competition in Italy.

Pipatchara Kaeojinda


Pipatchara, the co-founder and creative director of the brand was graduated from Academy of Art University. She was one of the Top 3 Womenswear finalists in Joe’s Black Book competition. After working at various renowned designer brands, she developed her own with her sister Jittrinee. The siblings have a strong passion in the world of Arts and Crafts, especially the technique of “Macramé”, an esthetic form of textile produced using knotting techniques, which was the primary inspiration for the first collection. 


This debut is an example of integrating traditional and contemporary design. Such patterns require 100% hand-made work. Each of every bag is delicately made to exhibit the uniqueness of hand woven patterns, paired with well-selected quality leather to craft an art. 

Tommy Ambiyo

Byo, Indonesia

Tommy Ambiyo is the founder and creative director of Byo. A trained industrial designer, he established the brand with a singular purpose: to make good design available as a means of self-expression for every individual. His avid interest in science fiction and fantasy lends a futuristic influence to the brand’s aesthetic, giving an idiosyncratic stamp onto each of his design.


Byo is a fashion brand focused on wearable experimental objects, taking an innovative approach by combining sci-fi-inspired futuristic aesthetic with traditional craftsmanship in the creation of the designs. All of Byo products are designed and hand crafted in Indonesia. Since 2014, Byo has been exploring the concept of interweaving. The brand works together with skilled craftspeople in Indonesia who turn interwoven designs into wearable objects that are relevant for the present, and the future.

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Vilaiporn Sirinapapant

Vera, Thailand

 Vilaiporn Sirinapapant (Gi) has been working for leading consumer goods company, where she often had to travel. The concept of VERA originated when Gi traveled the globe, with her curiosity and her appreciation of meaning behind all cultures. She loves to visit the local market and that is when she found her first design. The design was clean classic but wisely designed for its usage. Eventually, she decided to start her own label.

VERA is all about the well made accessories that are wearable for women of any ages. Establishing VERA was based on three approaches of quality products, practical & minimal design and sincere services. Its motto is to construct of every details that will make your life easier and fits the soulful spirit of all women. The importance of design and quality of leather and materials used are carefully sorted to produce perfectly everyday products that last.

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Designer Sharing Sessions

Day 1
Oct 19, 2022 (Wed)

5:00 PM @ Main stage
Featured Designer
  • Kawalee Wu - La Mitra
  • Nannaphat Sirasitsiri – MARROQUE
  • Nichapa Jitsangboon - MYNTE

Day 2
Oct 20, 2022 (Thur)

10:30 AM @ Main stage
Featured Designer
  • Javamond Pavoradom - S’uvimol
  • Nont Pongpairoj & Nuttida Kedjarun – dash
  • Tommy Ambiyo - Byo
  • Vilaiporn Sirinapapant - Vera

Day 3
Oct 21, 2022 (Fri)

11:30 AM @ Main stage
Featured Designer
  • Anne Natalia - Jetalla anieu
  • Jiratot Tiranut - Bangkok Bootery
  • Pipatchara Kaeojinda - Pipatchara

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