26 Sep 2022

The campaign to eradicate the cattle screw worm fly began in the US and continued through Mexico and all the countries of Central America, culminating in Panama. The parasite was eradicated in nine countries and almost two more.



The Minister of Livestock, Agriculture & Fisheries (MGAP) of Uruguay, Fernando Mattos, has his plans laid to commence the eradication of this parasite in his country where it is endemic and is a problem for the sheep flock and cattle herd.

The plague of the screw worm fly is combatted by the dispersion of the already sterilised fly, into designated areas where the plague is prevalent.

The first dispersion is planned for September 2023 when the MGAP will try to disperse 25 million flies per week throughout the country in the previously defined dispersion zones. The area covered will be some 1,000 kilometers of the border with Brazil and Argentina.

It is estimated that it will take four years to completely eradicate the fly in the ranching areas of the country.

Minister Mattos also revealed that he had signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with his Brazilian counterpart, and this could lead to funds being contributed by Brazil to help finance the eradication programme.

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