26 Sep 2022

It’s almost autumn again. The leather jackets can be taken out of the closet again. Wear your leather jacket with pride. It is such a valuable piece of clothing.



Besides being stylish, aging well, classy, it’s cool and sexy. Certainly, after a long time, it only becomes more beautiful and if it shows signs of wear after a long time, have it repaired and then wear it like new again.

Let your jacket give you a sense of admiration and satisfaction. Click on the link to read our guide to buying vintage leather.

More: https://bit.ly/3qMdu5n

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We bring leather, material and fashion businesses together: an opportunity to meet and greet face to face. We bring them from all parts of the world so that they can find fresh partners, discover new customers or suppliers and keep ahead of industry developments.


We organise a number of trade exhibitions which focus on fashion and lifestyle: sectors that are constantly in flux, so visitors and exhibitors alike need to be constantly aware both of the changes around them and those forecast for coming seasons.


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