24 August 2022

Major Leather Producing Country

Tanning each year more than 40 million hides and skins, Brazil can rely on the largest commercial cattle herd in the world for their meat industry and is one of the five largest leather manufacturers of the planet. 


Every year, more than 80 nations buy leather made in Brazil. Brazilian tanneries work with high technology and have a century-old tradition in leather production. There are generations of families involved in this activity and entire communities with great knowledge in this craft – about 30,000 people work on tanning hides in Brazil. 

Emphasis on Quality 

The Brazilian cattle herd is one of the country’s strengths, but this aspect alone is not what keeps Brazil at the top of the world trade. The industry’s dedication and efforts to produce leathers with quality and excellence are the main factors that build the Brazilian reputation in this segment. 


Footwear and leather goods are some of the main clients of the Brazilian Leather industry, along with the automotive and upholstery sectors. A.Buhler and CBR Group produce seasonal leather for the fashion market, while Gobba, Fuga Couros and Industria de Peles Minuano Ltda will showcase not only fashion leather but also their automotive and upholstery collections in APLF ASEAN.

Besides, industrial initiatives such as the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB), the Design na Pele and the Leather Preview projects (for design aggregation) and the annual participation in more than 10 major world leather fairs, including APLF Dubai and APLF ASEAN, are examples of the Brazilian industry’s performance to surprise the market, bringing more innovative and sustainable products every year.

Such work is strongly supported by the Brazilian Leather project, a partnership between the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) for the promotion of leather exports.

Fashion Design and Forward Trends

The Brazilian leather industry is always connected to the goal of improvement, which includes trending projects in fashion and design. It is believed that creativity is one of CICB’s main values. For example, the Design na Pele project, focusing on culture, fashion, furniture, and commercial relationships, has launched its fifth edition in 2022 promoting a cycle of creativity and experimentation, combining the knowledge of five Brazilian tanneries with the work of the Italian consulting company Arsutoria Vision Lab. Throughout the project, Brazilian tanneries developed special leathers that gave life to innovative shoes, bags and accessories designed by young professionals. These products will be exhibited in the greatest fairs of the sector.


The Leather Preview show is one of the highlights of the industry when it comes to trends. The hides from the Leather Preview are developed after extensive research on trends and come from several Brazilian tanneries. All of these leathers are done focusing in anticipation of the directions in which footwear and accessories markets are moving. 

Sustainability Advanced

Brazil seeks to work with the best practices all over the industry. Certifications are a big part of this work.  One of the certifications is the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB). It was built by the chain that integrates the country’s leather industry. The CSCB promotes and recognizes the best tannery practices regarding economic results, reduction of environmental impact, and relationships with employees and surrounding communities. Included in the CSCB there are more than 140 indicators companies must work on, such as reduction of water consumption, reduction of energy consumption, restricted substances and worker health and safety.

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