One of the most eye catching booths of Fashion Access 2022 which was held alongside APLF in Dubai last April, was Cosmo’s, a manufacturer of fashion accessories from Georgia.

Before making leather accessories, the company was making jewelry so it is no wonder that Cosmo’s products, mostly handmade, are crafted like jewels.

The switch dates back from 2019 when Cosmo’s two co-founders and designers, Sophie Mukhulishvili and Tamo Aptsiauri decided to add handbags to their range of products.

Genuine leather (mostly from Georgia and Turkey), walnut tree wood and suede combined with Georgia’s traditional handcraft and historical symbols make Cosmo’s products very distinctive and exceptional.

“We chose the name Cosmo because we are adventure seekers and we want no limit to our creativity.  Cosmo represents the universe with all its diversity and inclusiveness which is what we strive for.”  While most of Cosmo’s 50 team members are women, the organization is horizontal and trans- generational.

The products are mostly inspired from Georgia’s long history to which the company’s main designer, Tamuna Kvirikadze, likes to give a modern twist.

From national daily item to royalty and calligraphy 

One of them is Georgia’s iconic Chokh’cha, a traditional male dress worn all over the Caucasus region. Through many centuries it has become a symbol of Georgian national identity, but it gradually lost its daily function and fashion momentum among younger audience. However, with the comeback of the   waist bag and an increasing craving for national identity, Cosmo’s vision was to create a popular modern accessory with a very Georgian twist. Incorporating the iconic cartridge holders (originally designed to carry bullets or gunpowder) into a comfortable, practical waist bag with multiple pockets, Chokh’cha is named after the original. Made in various colors and kind of material, it appeals and is accessible to a wide audience and has become a hit in Georgia.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Cosmo seized the design of the crown of the country’s only female ruler, Queen Tamar and incorporated it into a precious collection that includes totes and mini leather and wood handbags.

The Doni and Tani collections are inspired from the Georgian ancient script called Mrglovani (listed as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage), resulting in a series of playful, geometrical yet practical accessories, alternating straight lines with circles and semi-circles.

“We believe that in a world increasingly standardized and uniformed, incorporating local features has become more appealing”, says Aptsiauri.

Today, Cosmo’s products are sold in seven branches in Georgia, two branches in the Netherlands and Germany as well as on the online platform Etsy.

“Participating in APLF Hong Kong three years ago gave us confidence and encouraged us to persevere in our chosen direction which is why we jumped at the opportunity of participating in APLF Dubai,” says Aptsiauri. “We are optimistic and confident that we will be successful”.

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