26 November 2021

White leather - White leather is difficult to produce

White leather exudes a sense of luxury and quality that makes it much beloved in fashion and high-end upholstery, but also in car interiors as protective technologies make it resistant against staining and soiling. The color itself is often associated with purity, spirituality and a sense of royalty. It’s why you’ll find plenty of it during festive occasions, like births and weddings. By One 4 Leather



When it comes to leather, the soft natural touch and white color emphasize a sense of cleanliness and positivity. Making white leather is not that easy though, as the white pigment (if used) affects the surface texture. For that reason, only high-quality hides can be used to create white leather, as these allow minimal pigment without other unwanted effects.


White leather, if made with chromium, needs to have whitening, lightening, and color adjustment to reduce the blue from the chromium Modern tanning methods have made making white leather easier. Wet-white tanning, using gluteraldehyde instead of chrome, makes it possible to create soft, light leathers with a white hue.

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