20 September 2019

APLF 2019 - BIOSK: Henan company BIOSK doing good, promoting waste water recycling technology

Founded in 1986, China-based company BIOSK Chemicals is a modern technological enterprise, engaged in new technology research and development, lean chemicals, quantum technology, environment protection equipment, product sales and technology services. For the past twenty years, it has been especially known for its world-leading tannery wastewater recycling technology used by tanners worldwide, for which it has obtained sixteen domestic and overseas patents. The BIOSK system functions by adjusting the process and by introducing certain pharmaceutical agents which have the effect of turning harmful waste materials into alternatives that enable long term and continuous reuse of wastewater.

“Due to the continuous tightening of environmental protection policies in various industrial distribution centers, tanneries have an urgent need for clean production technology. “We hope that participating in APLF will spread the word about our tannery wastewater recycling technology and that it will be widely adopted by industry players,” says Biosk’s Board Chairman, Zhang Zhuangdou. The Henan province native has always been a strong advocate of environmental protection and has turned the Confucian concept of “Doing good, repaying society”, into the company’s motto and vision. Leather tannery and shoemaking are traditional industries of Henan province. To Zhang it is natural that the province should lead the way towards energy efficiency, emission reduction and green, sustainable production.

Water resources management is a major challenge in China, where both water quantity and quality are an issue. In April 2015, the China State Council issued the “Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan” (also known as the “Water Ten Plan”), which sets out ten general measures to be implemented for the mitigation of water-related risks. These include: controlling pollution discharge, promoting economic and industrial transformation, saving and recycling resources, promoting scientific and technological progress, as well as enforcing law and regulations, strengthening management practices and ensuring water environment safety. The overall objective is to improve China’s water environment quality by 2020. Leather production is one of the ten major polluting industries targeted by the Action Plan to urgently and pervasively implement technological upgrades, emission reductions and clean production.

Henan Province has actively responded to the national policy and issued a series of supporting policies followed by actions in the fields of water saving, energy efficiency and clean production in which BIOSK has played a major role.  A fervent and early proponent of Quantum technology, Zhang says BIOSK will arduously dedicate itself to research and development in this field in the hope of leading the way toward ever-cleaner leather production.

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