05 September 2019

Leather is in our DNA - More on Argentine premium leathergoods manufacturer Del Sur Leather

Environmental Commitment


The leather used by Del Sur complies with international environmental regulations, hence the tanneries used for the manufacture of the products, all establishments are audited by international environmental organizations and associations. Del Sur is proud of its high degree of commitment and environmental responsibility, and that is why the company only works with tanneries that comply with international certifications of environmental care.



Leather is in our DNA. No material can replace the feel, elasticity and nobility of natural leather. Vegetable tanned leather has a unique feeling, it’s a lifetime investment.



Del Sur products are luxury items, and as such should be cared for and protected as experts indicate. The products are natural and have no plastic or synthetic components. If well maintained, these quality leather products can last for years.


“The contact with natural leather is in our DNA”, states Del Sur. Since ancient times, man has used animal leather to protect himself, to keep warm, to work, to mark his status, his state of mind or simply the fashion that best represented him.


The feeling generated by the contact of our skin with real leather is difficult to explain. This contact decodes centuries of history, this union is marked in our evolution. The appearance of leather can be copied, but the quality and feeling of that contact is impossible to replicate.

Leather Quality & Tradition in Argentina


The leather in Argentina refers to history, gauchos, tradition, parties, defense and work… roof, shelter and customs… history and current affairs. The leather, material builder of the Argentine identity is noble, flexible and resistant.


The life of the cattle herds in freedom, yield animals of incredible quality both for meat and leather. By freely grazing and feeding naturally, the animals have much more flexible and resistant skins, and above all, are free of the marks that rubbing and fences produce on their skin.



Argentine leather is known worldwide for its unsurpassed quality and the products from the wide open spaces of the pampas are appreciated by users and brands throughout the world. It has an emblematic character and it is usually considered that Argentina is recognized worldwide, among other things for its landscapes, Tango, soccer, Polo and for the quality of the products of its grasslands that bring forth meat and leather. 


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