APLF 2024 參展商名錄


Latest update: 3 February 2023 (Weekly update)

Notable Industry Association Participations​

(Brazil – Assintecal) Assintecal Brazilian Association Of Companies Of Components For Leather Footwear And Manufactured Goods
(Brazil – CICB) Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry
(Egypt – EECA) Egypt Expo & Convention Authority
(France – FFCP) Federation Française des Cuirs et Peaux – French Hides and Skins Association
[Leather & Fashion Access]
(India – CLE) Council for Leather Exports
(Italy – ICE) Italian Trade Agency

[Fashion Access]
(Pakistan – PLGMEA) Pakistan Leather Garments & Goods Manufacturer Association

(Pakistan – PTA) Pakistan Tanners’ Association

[Fashion Access]
(South Africa – SAFLEC) South African Footwear and Leather Export Council

(Türkiye – ITKIB) Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters’ Association

[Fashion Access]
(Vietnam – LEFASO) Vietnam Leather, Footwear and Handbag Association

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SectorsCompany NameCountryStand No
Leather3P Srl UnipersonaleItaly3C-E20
LeatherA M C Tannery Machines SrlItaly3B-D10
LeatherA. BuhlerBrazil3C-E07-CICB
LeatherA+B Hides GmbH & Co KGGermany3C-B21b-DE
LeatherAgaoglu Dis Ticaret Dericilik Ltd StiTurkey3C-E10
LeatherAgro Latina LtdaBrazil3C-E31-CICB
LeatherAhi Deri Sanayi Ve Dis Tic Ltd StiTurkey3G-E04-TR
LeatherAikawa Co LtdJapan3F-G06-JP
LeatherAkaylar Deri Sanayi ve Tic A.S.Turkey3G-D04-TR
LeatherAlanchim SrlItaly3B-C15
LeatherAlpaka DeriTurkey3F-G11
LeatherAlpha LeatherBrazil3C-D31-CICB
LeatherAmerica LeatherBrazil3C-D09-CICB
LeatherAmericana De Curtidos Ltda y Cia ScaColombia3D-C29
LeatherAmin InternationalIndia3E-A01-IN
Fashion AccessAndre International Capital LtdChina1D-D20
Materials+Anhui Yongle New Material Technology Co LtdChina1C-C21
Materials+Anqing Juyi Trade Co LtdChina1B-D22
LeatherAnson International / Sunny International Leather Industry Sdn. Bhd. ( Malaysia )Malaysia3F-F01
LeatherApex Tannery LtdBangladesh3D-A33
LeatherAPIC - The Portuguese Leather AssociationPortugalTBC
LeatherArgolanda BVNetherlands3C-E08
LeatherArke Conceria SrlItaly3F-C01-IT
LeatherArtone CollectionHong Kong, China3E-D33
LeatherAs Green Technology Srl Unipersonale ItalyTBC
LeatherASP ChemischIndia3B-A09
LeatherAspells Deri Konfeksiyon San. ve Tic. A.S.Turkey3G-D03-TR
LeatherATC Tannery Chemicals - Mercier TurnerFrance3C-B02-FR
LeatherAtlas Refinery IncUSA3D-A10-USA
LeatherAUK EnterprisesPakistan3E-E11-PK
LeatherAusonia SrlItaly3F-E01-IT
LeatherAustralian Hide Skin and Leather Exporters Association (AHSLEA)Australia3C-F21-AU
LeatherAzul Natural Beef S.A.Argentina3C-F05
LeatherB & GFrance3F-G24-FR-FFTM
Fashion AccessB.N. EnterprisesIndia1E-C06-IN
LeatherBaggio Tecnologie SrlItalyTBC
Fashion AccessBaoding Dilang Bags Manufacturing Co LtdChina1E-F21-CN
LeatherBarnini SrlItalyTBC
LeatherBauce Tri.Ma SrlItalyTBC
LeatherBengal Leather Complex LtdBangladesh3D-B21
LeatherBergi S.P.A.ItalyTBC
LeatherBest BrasilBrazil3C-D32-CICB
LeatherBest Tanning IndustryPakistan3E-E05-PK
Materials+Bet Pak Technology (HK) LtdHong Kong, China1C-D16
Fashion AccessBharat EnterprisesIndia1E-D13-IN
LeatherBisonte Cuoificio SpaItaly3F-D13-IT
LeatherBonistalli & Stefanelli SpaItaly3F-E12-IT
LeatherBudi Makmur IndonesiaIndonesia3D-D16
Fashion AccessBVLK Apparel & AccessoriesSouth Africa (Rep of)1D-B06-SA
LeatherC.G.R.D. SRLItaly3B-B12
LeatherCalico ImpexIndia3E-A04-IN
LeatherCalico TrendsIndia3E-A02-IN
LeatherCalisganlar DeriTurkey3G-C05-TR
LeatherCBR Group - Couros Bom RetiroBrazil3C-D10-CICB
Materials+Ceitex AsiaHong Kong, China1C-B04
LeatherCevahir Deri San Tic Ltd StiTurkey3G-C03-TR
LeatherChamois LeatherPakistan3E-E28-PK
Fashion AccessChangshu Kangle Leather Goods Co LtdChina1E-A17
Materials+Changzhou Jiachen New Fiber Science And Technology Co LtdChina1C-A03
LeatherChemexim DMCCUnited Arab Emirates3B-B19
LeatherChemipal SrlItalyTBC
LeatherChemtan Company IncUSA3D-B17-USA
LeatherChimica Italiana International SrlItalyTBC
LeatherChina Leather Industry Association - CLIAChinaTBC
LeatherChongqing Minfeng Chemical Co LtdChina3B-A20
LeatherChung Fai Leather Enterprise Co.Hong Kong, China3G-E11
LeatherCICB - Centre for the Brazilian Tanning IndustryBrazil3C-D33-CICB
LeatherCihan Deri Sanayi A.S.Turkey3G-B03-TR
LeatherCihan Kimya San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.Turkey3B-C31
LeatherCK International LLCUSA3D-B05-USA
LeatherCM Tannery Machines SpaItaly3B-D33
LeatherCMC LeatherBrazil3C-D31-CICB
LeatherCO.RA.PEL. S.r.lItaly3F-C11
Materials+Comelz SpaItaly1C-E15
LeatherComing Ind. Com. De CourosBrazil3C-E01-CICB
LeatherConceria Capital SrlItaly3F-D09-IT
LeatherConceria Samanta SpaItaly3F-D14
LeatherConceria Tre EmmeItaly3F-E24
LeatherConceria Tris SpaItaly3F-D02-IT
LeatherConceria Volpiana SpaItaly3F-E21-IT
LeatherConceria Yankee SrlItaly3F-E11-IT
LeatherConsorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al VegetaleItaly3FC-C01
LeatherCorichem SrlItalyTBC
LeatherCortume KrumenauerBrazil3C-D19-CICB
LeatherCouncil For Leather ExportsIndiaTBC
LeatherCouro & ArteBrazil3C-D26-CICB
LeatherCovico - Fortain - Nouvelle Societe ArnaudFrance3C-C04-FR
LeatherCromogenia Units S.A.Spain3B-C14-ES
LeatherCTC Asia LtdHong Kong, China3B-A01
LeatherCubukcuoglu DeriTurkey3G-C16-TR
LeatherCuirs De LagnyFrance3G-A18-FR-FFTM
LeatherCuoificio La Querce SrlItaly3F-E05-IT
LeatherCurtiembre America BoliviaBolivia3C-C18
LeatherCurtiembre Arlei S.A.Argentina3D-D02
LeatherCurtume A.P. Muller LtdaBrazil3C-D11-CICB
LeatherCurtume BannachBrazil3C-D15-CICB
LeatherCurtume CaciqueBrazil3C-E15-CICB
LeatherCurtume NimoBrazil3C-E21-CICB
LeatherCurtume PartnerBrazil3C-E11-CICB
LeatherCurtume SulinoBrazil3C-D28-CICB
LeatherCurtumes Santo AntonioBrazil3C-E17-CICB
LeatherD & A Edge Polymer LtdHong Kong, China3B-B11
LeatherD & R - Research And Development of ChemicalsPortugal3B-E09-PT
LeatherDada Enterprises Private Ltd (Yue Fat International Ltd)Hong Kong, China3E-C11
LeatherDaeil Leather Co LtdKorea3E-D02-KR
Fashion AccessDan KreationsIndia1E-C04-IN
LeatherDanese Srl Tannery.Equipment ItalyTBC
LeatherDani SpaItaly3F-D16.
LeatherDavid Leather Expressions SrlItaly3F-D16
LeatherDavimpex Enterprise Bahirdar Tannery PLCEthiopia3D-D12
LeatherDege Trading - NorcuirFrance3C-C07-FR
Fashion AccessDel Sur Leather Int'lArgentina1D-D02AVE
LeatherDermacolor SrlItalyTBC
LeatherDias RuivoPortugal3F-B14-PT
Fashion AccessDiscovery Leathers India1E-D05-IN
Fashion AccessDongchen Industry (Thailand) Co LtdChina1D-E12
LeatherDongguan Jin Kun Leather Co LtdChina3E-C16
Materials+Dongguan Lexiang Hardware Co LtdChinaTBC
Materials+Dongguan Ruike Industrial Co LtdChina1B-D12
Fashion AccessDugros Leather India Pvt LtdIndia1E-B02-IN
LeatherDurli Couros Indústria e Comércio de CourosBrazil3C-D01-CICB
LeatherEastern Leather Co (Pvt) LtdPakistan3D-C11
LeatherEdsim Leather CoUSA3C-E12
LeatherEgedamla Deri - Ozkuplemez Deri Ve Tarim San. Ve. Tic. Ltd. Sti.Turkey3G-C13-TR
LeatherEgo SrlItaly3F-G15
LeatherEl Iman TanneryEgypt3C-E18
LeatherEl.Pa. Service SrlItalyTBC
LeatherElegant Leather InternationalPakistan3E-F33-PK
Fashion AccessElegant Scene Leather Goods LtdHong Kong, China1D-D16
LeatherEl-Montaza TanneryEgypt3D-D24
LeatherEmag AGSwitzerland3D-A22
LeatherEmder Dis Ticanet Limited SirketiTurkey3G-E02-TR
LeatherEmelda Deri Konf. Turizm Ins. San. Ve Dis Tic. A.S.Turkey3G-D14-TR
LeatherEnes Deri Urunleri San. ve Tic Ltd. Sti.Turkey3G-E14-TR
LeatherEPCT (PVT) Ltd.Pakistan3E-E06-PK
LeatherEquitan SrlItalyTBC
LeatherErmaksan Sanayi Makinalari Ltd Sti (Ermaksan Tannery Machines)Turkey3B-B32
LeatherErretre SpaItalyTBC
LeatherEscomar Italia SrlItalyTBC
LeatherEuro-America International Freight ForwardersBrazil3C-D33-CICB
LeatherEverest SrlItaly3F-F02-IT
LeatherEvolution Tech SrlItalyTBC
LeatherEvolve Global Group DWC - LLCUnited Arab Emirates3B-B26
Fashion AccessExclusive Crafts Pvt LtdNepalTBC
LeatherExo DeriTurkey3F-C02
LeatherExpopieles Del Caribe SASColombia3F-D08..
LeatherFabre & AzemarFrance3F-G24-FR-FFTM
LeatherFaeda SpaItaly3F-D11-IT
Fashion AccessFatima Khan LuxurySouth Africa (Rep of)1D-C07-SA
LeatherFederation Française des Cuirs et Peaux (FFCP)France3C-C12-FR
LeatherFeltre SrlItalyTBC
LeatherFoglizzo Leather SrlItaly3G-A16
LeatherFonpelli SpaItaly3F-E03-IT
LeatherForma Expo de Couros LtdaBrazil3C-D05-CICB
Fashion AccessFoshan Glory Team Leather Costumes Co LtdChina1E-E15
LeatherFrench Leather FactorySaudi Arabia3C-F09
LeatherFrench Tanners Association - FFTMFrance3G-C24-FR-FFTM
LeatherFriedrich Sturm GmBH & Co KGGermany3C-B21a-DE
LeatherFuga Couros S/ABrazil3C-D12-CICB
LeatherFujian Leather Reborn Trading Co LtdChina3E-C31
Materials+Fujian Zhanbao New Material Technology Co LtdChinaTBC
Materials+Fule Jinjiang Footwear Material Co LtdChina1C-A07
Materials+Funghing Hardware Products CompanyHong Kong, China1C-E13
LeatherG.F.P. SrlItalyTBC
LeatherGaitonde Leathers & Accessories Pvt LtdIndia3E-A20-IN
LeatherGe.Ma.Ta. SpaItalyTBC
Materials+Gebr Picard International LtdHong Kong, China1C-D11
LeatherGer Elettronica SrlItalyTBC
LeatherGermany - Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs And Climate ActionGermany3C-B21-DE
LeatherGhani Rasheed & CoHong Kong, China3E-D21
LeatherGI ELLE EMME Conceria SpaItaly3F-D07-IT
LeatherGobba LeatherBrazil3C-D09-CICB
Fashion AccessGolden C Trading CoHong Kong, China1D-C22
Fashion AccessGoodBelt Leather Accessory LtdChina1D-D09
LeatherGoryakinlar Deri Sanayi Ve Tic A. S.Turkey3G-B01-TR
LeatherGozzini 1906 Turini Group SrlItalyTBC
LeatherGruppo BiokimicaItaly3B-C01.
LeatherGruppo Mastrotto SpaItaly3F-F14-IT
LeatherGSC Group S.P.A.Italy3C-A20
Fashion AccessGTCL Pte LtdSingapore1D-C16
Materials+Guangdong Emily Ribbon LtdChina1B-D36
Materials+Guangdong Meishiya Technology Co LtdChina1B-E30
Materials+Guangzhou Tengxiang Leather Co LtdChina1B-D07
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Changchun Shoes Co LtdChina1C-D28
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Geling Leather Co LtdChina1E-A20
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Gulianteng Leather Co LtdChina1E-B05
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Hageness Leather Co LtdChina1E-B23
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Heming Leather Belt Co LtdChina1D-E11
LeatherGuangzhou Huarui Leather Co LtdChina3D-D21
Materials+Guangzhou Jinbairui Leather &Textile Co LtdChinaTBC
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Lihuang Shoes Industry Co LtdChina1D-B27
LeatherGuangzhou Meilishuo Leather Co LtdChina3C-F01
LeatherGuangzhou Qifu Leather Co LtdChina3E-B22
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Roenari Trade Co LtdChina1D-B23
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Shenglaixin Leather Co LtdChina1E-B19
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Shengye Yuelai Impel Leather Co LtdChina1D-C14
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Shengze Luggage Technology Co LtdChina1E-B21
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Tinlee Leather Co LtdChina1D-E16
Materials+Guangzhou Wooshi Zipper Co LtdChina1C-B20
Materials+Guangzhou Wound Strength Plastic Co LtdChina1C-B17
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Xuanhong Leather Products Co LtdChina1D-C18
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Yinduo Leather FactoryChina1D-B22
Fashion AccessGuangzhou Yonghe Trading Co LtdChina1D-A30
Materials+Guangzhou Yuanbao Leather Co LtdChina1C-B01
Fashion AccessGuangzhou yunshang Leather Product Belt Co LtdChina1D-E09
Fashion AccessGypsy GlobalIndia1E-D17-IN
LeatherH & H Leather Industry LtdBangladesh3E-B25
LeatherH. Sadar Ali Akhtar Ali (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-F29-PK
LeatherH.Y. LeatherexBrazil3C-E09-CICB
LeatherHabib FashionIndia3E-B17-IN
LeatherHafiz TanneryPakistan3E-F13-PK
LeatherHarland M. Braun & CoUSA3D-A12-USA
LeatherHarsha ImpexIndia3E-B19-IN
LeatherHashimoto Industry Co LtdJapan3E-C12
LeatherHason InternationalBrazil3C-D27-CICB
LeatherHCP - CCPFrance3G-B14-FR-FFTM
Fashion AccessHe Bei Hao Ming Synthetic Leather Co LtdChina1E-E20-CN
Fashion AccessHebei ZhaoXin Fur Products Co Ltd by SharesChina1D-D15
LeatherHenan Prosper & Colomer Moda Co LtdChina3D-C02
Fashion AccessHenan Warm House Industries Co LtdChina1C-D20
LeatherHeng Long Leather Co Pte LtdSingapore3G-A01
LeatherHerd Pack LLCUSA3D-A06-USA
LeatherHijaz Leathers Pvt LtdIndia3E-A05-IN
LeatherHIRIAR SasFrance3G-B24-FR-FFTM
LeatherHMB Tanneries (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-F21-PK
LeatherHomera Tanning Industries Pvt LtdIndia3E-A15-IN
Fashion AccessHonlion International LtdHong Kong, China1D-E22
LeatherHop Lok Leather Factory LtdHong Kong, China3F-C09
LeatherHoriuchi Trading Company Ltd / Yee Tai Leather Ent LtdHong Kong, China3G-E13
LeatherHosung B&T Co LtdKorea3E-D10-KR
LeatherHouse of Ruksh Pvt LtdIndia3E-A09-IN
Materials+Hua Hui Accessories LtdHong Kong, China1C-D01
LeatherHub Leather (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-C25
Fashion AccessHui Zhou Zhao Hua Leather Goods Co LtdChina1D-C21
LeatherHussain Leather CraftPakistan3E-F25-PK
LeatherHyunbo Tech Co LtdKorea3E-D12-KR
LeatherICAP Leather Chem SpaItaly3B-E10
LeatherICTYOS - Cuirs Marins De FranceFrance3G-A24-FR-FFTM
LeatherIGCAR Chemicals S.LSpain3B-D15-ES
LeatherIl Ponte Conceria SrlItaly3F-E22-IT
LeatherIlikem Ki̇mya Deri̇ Teksti̇l San. Ve Tic.A.S.Turkey3C-A02-TR
LeatherImperium OverseasIndia3E-A18-IN
Fashion AccessIn Style Fashion Mfg Co (HK)Hong Kong, China1E-B01
LeatherIN. BLUE s.r.l.Italy3C-E32
LeatherIndian Tanning IndustriesIndia3E-A19-IN
LeatherInducol - Industria De Peleteria Cruz Costa S.A.Portugal3F-B13-PT
LeatherIndustria de Peles Minuano LtdaBrazil3C-D20-CICB
LeatherIndutan - Comercio e Industria de Peles S.A.Portugal3F-B13-PT
Fashion AccessInfix CreationsSouth Africa (Rep of)1D-B04-SA
LeatherInpelsa-Industrias PeleterasSpain3F-C13-ES
Materials+Intercom SrlItaly1C-E16
LeatherInternational Leather Split Group Ware S.r.l. ConsortileItaly3D-C19
LeatherInternational Rich LtdHong Kong, China3F-B12
LeatherInterpelli SASColombia3D-A36
LeatherIP Industrie Pellami SrlItaly3F-D17-IT
LeatherIrfan Mohammed Said Atik Tanning FactorySaudi Arabia3C-F19
LeatherIskefe Deri Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.Turkey3C-B01-TR
LeatherItalhide SpaItaly3F-D08.
LeatherItalprogetti SpaItalyTBC
LeatherItalven Conceria Srl UnipersonaleItaly3F-E14-IT
LeatherITKIB Istanbul Leather & Leather Products Exporters AssociationTurkeyTBC
LeatherItoh Noboru-Syoten Co LtdJapan3F-G02-JP
Fashion AccessIzselHong Kong, China1D-C07AVE
LeatherJapan Leather & Leather Goods Industries Association (JLIA)Japan3F-G02-JP
LeatherJason International Trading Corp LtdHong Kong, China3C-F22
LeatherJBS CourosBrazil3C-F02-CICB
LeatherJBS Leather USAUSA3D-A08-USA
LeatherJeaman Leather & Leather ClothingPakistan3E-E07-PK
LeatherJiangsu Basman Machinery Co LtdChina3B-C34
Materials+Jiangsu Beautiful New Material Co LtdChina1C-B13
Materials+Jiangsu Deeplant New Material Technology Co LtdChina1C-B12
LeatherJiangsu Liangang Leather Machinery Co LtdChina3B-B09
Materials+Jiangyin City Xueke Plastic Products Co LtdChina1B-C05
LeatherJiangYin JunHua Leather Co LtdChina3E-B34
LeatherJiaozuo City Xinhui Industrial Co LtdChina3E-C21
LeatherJiaozuo Jiefan Leather Industry Co LtdChina3E-C34
Materials+Jiaxing Aonuo Textile Technology Co LtdChina1B-D18
Fashion AccessJinfeng Fashion Packaging Co LtdChina1D-C17
LeatherJingyi Fur Products Co LtdChina3E-C26
Materials+Jinjiang Gangyi Fiber Co LtdChina1C-A02
LeatherJoqueviel & CathalaFrance3F-G24-FR-FFTM
LeatherJos. H. Lowenstein & Sons IncUSA3D-A02-USA
Materials+Jo-Wellah Enterprise Co LtdTaiwan1C-C16-TW
Fashion AccessJun Yat International (HK) LtdHong Kong, China1D-D17
Fashion AccessKapoor IndustriesIndia1E-D01-IN
LeatherKaraca Deri Sanayi. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.Turkey3G-D01-TR
LeatherKaramat Tanning IndustriesIndia3E-B13-IN
LeatherKasur Tanneries (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-E13-PK
LeatherKeck ChimieFrance3B-A13
LeatherKenda Farben Hongkong LtdHong Kong, China3C-A12
Fashion AccessKerisse Handbag Company LtdHong Kong, China1E-A10
LeatherKKSK International LLPIndia3E-B11-IN
LeatherKLF Tecnokimica S.r.l.Italy3C-A27
LeatherKorea Tanners' AssociationKoreaTBC
Fashion AccessKrisshiv InternationalIndia1E-D03-IN
LeatherKTM Leather Pvt LtdPakistan3E-E02-PK
Materials+Kunshan Achilles New Material Technology Co LtdChina1B-D30
LeatherKyoden LtdJapan3F-G08-JP
LeatherLa Bretagna Conceria SrlItaly3F-F10-IT
LeatherLa Scarpa SrlItaly3F-D06-IT
LeatherLamebo SrlItalyTBC
LeatherLangro-Chemie GmbH & Co KGGermany3C-A24-DE
Fashion AccessLe Chateau Anne Trading LtdHong Kong, China1C-D10AVE
Fashion AccessLe Roux LeatherSouth Africa (Rep of)1D-C05-SA
LeatherLeader TanneriesPakistan3E-F11-PK
LeatherLeather CoordinatorsPakistan3E-F17-PK
LeatherLeather NaturallyNetherlands3E-Con01
LeatherLeather Options Graziano MartiniItaly3F-D09-IT
LeatherLeather Quimica SLUSpain3B-C18-ES
LeatherLeather Tech PakistanPakistan3E-F23-PK
LeatherLeathertex Tanneries (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-E12-PK
LeatherLederfabrik Josef Heinen GmbH & Co KGGermany3C-B22-DE
Materials+Lee Ing Global LtdHong Kong, China1C-D12
LeatherLes Cuirs de l’Ouest - Cuirs et Peaux de l'OuestFrance3C-C02-FR
LeatherLeshan Giantstar Farming & Husbandry Corporation LtdChina3E-C09
LeatherLianyungang Huihong Leather Machinery FactoryChina3B-A36
LeatherLiderkoll LtdaBrazil3C-D22-CICB
LeatherLifli Rulo ve Levha Sanayi A.S.Turkiye3G-C02-TR
LeatherLloyd Srl ConceriaItaly3F-F02-IT
LeatherLMF Biokimica SpaItaly3B-C22
LeatherLongnan Fabriano Leatherware Co LtdChina3E-D34
LeatherLuen Fung Leather Fty Trading Co LtdHong Kong, China3D-Con03
LeatherLuiz Fuga Industria de CourosBrazil3C-D02-CICB
LeatherMacro Deri San Ve Dis Tic Ltd StiTurkiye3G-E06-TR
Materials+Magica Shoe Materials Co LtdChina1C-D07
LeatherMahmood BrothersPakistan3E-E34-PK
LeatherManifattura Di Domodossola SpaItaly3F-F12-IT
LeatherMarca Toro Conceria SrlItaly3F-D05-IT
Fashion AccessMaria InternationalIndia1E-D11-IN
LeatherMario Caimi SrlItalyTBC
LeatherMarmara Deri Sanayi Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.Turkiye3G-E01-TR
LeatherMasahiko Kasei Co LtdJapan3F-G10-JP
Fashion AccessMat Wah International Enterprise LtdHong Kong, China1D-E18
LeatherMb3 Conceria SrlItaly3F-E22-IT
LeatherMec Man SrlItalyTBC
LeatherMegisserie Alran SASFrance3F-G18-FR-FFTM.
LeatherMegisserie Bodin JoyeuxFrance3G-A21-FR-FFTM
LeatherMegisserie Cuirs Du FuturFrance3F-G19-FR-FFTM
LeatherMegisserie De La MoliereFrance3F-G23-FR-FFTM
LeatherMegisserie Raynaud JeuneFrance3F-G21-FR-FFTM
LeatherMengzhou Jujie Leather Co LtdChina3C-C20
LeatherMengzhou Zhengxue Fur and Leather Co LtdChina3E-B30
Fashion AccessMengzhou Zhuoyue Fur Products Sales Co LtdChinaTBC
Fashion AccessMido Trading (HK) LtdHong Kong, China1D-E23
LeatherMIMA Leather (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-E10-PK
Fashion AccessMinazanaSouth Africa (Rep of)1D-B08-SA
LeatherMinerva S/ABrazil3C-D21-CICB
LeatherMiret y Cia, SASpain3F-C17-ES
LeatherMirza International LtdIndia3E-A14-IN
LeatherModel Tanners India3E-A08-IN
LeatherModel Tanners I Pvt LtdIndia3E-A10-IN
LeatherMonfrini Pellami SRLItaly3F-F22-IT
LeatherMongolian Association of Leather Industry (MALI)Mongolia3F-B06
LeatherMontana SpaItaly3F-D21-IT
LeatherMontebello Conceria SpaItaly3F-C05-IT
LeatherMonteverdi SrlItaly3F-E08-IT
LeatherMorapel Sp. z o.o.Poland3C-E30
LeatherMosconi SrlItalyTBC
Fashion AccessMrig FashionsIndia1E-C02-IN
Fashion AccessMTM Corporation LtdHong Kong, China1E-A09
LeatherMudanjiang Xiangda Chemicals CorporationChina3B-C33
LeatherMuhammad Ashraf (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-F27-PK
LeatherMuhammad Shafi Tanneries (PVT) LtdPakistan3E-D15
LeatherMultan Hide Co (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-E22-PK
LeatherNaaz Leather FinishersIndia3E-B03-IN
Materials+Nai Tso Enterprise Co LtdTaiwan1C-D15-TW
LeatherNan Tong Cor Tran Machine Co LtdChina3B-A27
LeatherNan Tong Sirui Engineering Co LtdChina3B-A31
LeatherNangong E.S. Fur and Skin Co LtdChina3E-D27
LeatherNano Press Co LtdKorea3E-D09-KR
Materials+New Way Pro. Design Co LtdChina1C-C04
LeatherNick Winters - Bigard - SocopaFrance3C-C08-FR
LeatherNoor Leather Garments (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-E24-PK
LeatherNova Kaeru Exotic LeathersBrazil3C-E23-CICB
LeatherNova Leathers (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-E32-PK
LeatherNTE Company (Pty) LtdSouth Africa (Rep of)3B-C09
LeatherNuova Overlord SpaItaly3F-E22-IT
LeatherNuti Ivo Conceria SpaItaly3F-F02-IT
LeatherOfficine Di Cartigliano SpaItalyTBC
LeatherOfficine Meccaniche Alpe SpaItalyTBC
LeatherOlcina Group Trading Co S. L.Spain3B-C20-ES
LeatherOrice Conceria SrlItaly3F-E05-IT
LeatherOzergenc Deri Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim SirketiTurkiye3F-F13
LeatherP.W. Huber Zygmunt SkarbekPoland3G-A20
LeatherPacific LeatherBrazil3C-E11-CICB
LeatherPaddock Leathers LtdHong Kong, China3D-A32
LeatherPajusco Tecnologie SrlItalyTBC
LeatherPakistan Global TanneryPakistan3E-E19-PK
LeatherPakistan Tanners' AssociationPakistan3E-E34-PK
LeatherPelle ClassicsPakistan3E-E18-PK
LeatherPelle International LtdHong Kong, China3F-C12
Fashion AccessPetite French & CoSouth Africa (Rep of)1D-B10-SA
LeatherPFI Fareast (Hong Kong) Co LtdHong Kong, China3B-A05
LeatherPiegavelox SrlItaly3F-D17-IT
LeatherPrime Asia Leather Corporation Taiwan BranchChina3E-Con03
LeatherPrime Tanning Industries (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-E15-PK
LeatherPrimorpelli SpaItaly3F-E06-IT
LeatherProfessione PelliItaly3F-G13
LeatherProgressive Leathers LtdNew Zealand3D-A26
LeatherProviera Biotech LLCUSA3D-A19-USA
LeatherPT International Leather WorksIndonesia3F-G14
LeatherPuccini Attilio Srl ConceriaItaly3F-F06-IT
LeatherPucon Deri Sanayi A.S.Turkiye3G-C15-TR
LeatherPulcra Chemicals GmbHGermany3C-A26-DE
Fashion AccessPurple Pot DesignSouth Africa (Rep of)1D-C11-SA
LeatherQinyang Xingyue Industry Co LtdChina3E-C27
LeatherQuanzhou Smile Trading Co LtdChina3E-B21
Materials+Quanzhou Xuanlong Textile Science And Technology Co LtdChina1C-C12
LeatherRahman Industries LtdChina3E-C02
LeatherRathnam LeathersIndia3E-A07-IN
LeatherRe.Pi.Co.-Resine Pigmenti Colori S.P.A.ItalyTBC
LeatherRevomec SrlItalyTBC
LeatherRiaz TanneriesPakistan3E-F15-PK
LeatherRiff Leather LtdBangladesh3C-C32
LeatherRives SAFrance3C-C01-FR
LeatherRotacoat SrlItalyTBC
LeatherRoyal Leather Industries LtdPakistan3E-F09-PK
LeatherRugao Dongxing Machinery Co LtdChina3B-A32
Materials+Run Italia SrlItaly1C-C07
LeatherS I R P SpaItaly3F-E02-IT
LeatherS.C. Costruzioni Meccaniche SrlItalyTBC
LeatherS.E.S.N. S.R.L.Italy3B-D29
LeatherSaba ExportsIndia3E-A12-IN
LeatherSAF Industries LtdBangladesh3E-D20
LeatherSakamoto CorporationJapan3F-G04-JP
LeatherSalamander SPS GmbH & Co KGGermany3C-B25-DE
Materials+Salirone Asia Company LtdChina1B-E19
LeatherSarchem Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A STurkiye3B-A19
LeatherSarg TanneryEgypt3D-D09
Fashion AccessSaSa DesignIndonesia1D-C33
LeatherScamosceria Astico SrlItaly3F-F18-IT
LeatherSciarada Industria Conciaria SPAItaly3F-F08-IT
LeatherScottish Leather GroupUK3F-B02-UK
Materials+Sea Queen Fashion LtdHong Kong, China1B-D01
Materials+Serafini SrlItaly1C-D03
Fashion AccessSeventyFour LeatherSouth Africa (Rep of)1D-C09-SA
LeatherShafeeq Shameel & CoIndia3E-A22-IN
LeatherShafique Leather EnterprisesPakistan3E-F31-PK
LeatherShaikh BrothersPakistan3E-E09-PK
LeatherShamimsons InternationalIndia3E-A06-IN
Materials+Shandong Kaitai Superfine Fiber Co LtdChinaTBC
LeatherShanghai Bluestar Chemical Group Co LtdChina3E-A28
Fashion AccessShanghai KIYI International Trade Co LtdChina1D-D19
Fashion AccessShanghai SAB Jiemei Co LtdChina1D-A26
Fashion AccessShantou Longhu Darun Crafts FactoryChina1D-B18
LeatherSheikh of Sialkot (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-E17-PK
LeatherShensen Machinery Technology (Guangdong) Co LtdChina3B-A29
Materials+Shenzhen Carol Metal Products Co LtdChina1C-C09
Materials+Shenzhen HuakePu Sartorius Co LtdChina1C-B11
Fashion AccessShern Yang Metal Co Ltd of HuiyangChina1E-B20
LeatherShifan Leather GoodsPakistan3E-E26-PK
Materials+Shun Hing Metal Industrial LtdHong Kong, China1C-C02
LeatherSibel SASFranceTBC
LeatherSichuan Decision New Material Technology Co LtdChina3B-C32.
LeatherSiddiq Leather Works (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-E01-PK
LeatherSimona Tanning IncChina3D-Con01.
LeatherSino Biotech United Co LtdChina3C-A31
LeatherSintan Kimya Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S.Turkiye3B-C21
LeatherSit Spa Mattei FeltsItalyTBC
LeatherSkivers Hides ASEstonia (Rep of)3G-B17
LeatherSLS International Co LtdKorea3E-C10-KR
LeatherSmita ExportIndia3E-A17-IN
LeatherSoon Heng Reptile Trading Sdn. BhdMalaysia3G-A11
LeatherSouthwest Hide CoUSA3D-B07-USA
LeatherSoydan A.S.Turkiye3G-C01-TR
LeatherSpraycolor SasItalyTBC
LeatherSpraytech SrlItalyTBC
LeatherStahl Coatings and Fine Chemicals (Suzhou) Co LtdChina3B-D02
LeatherStar Leather Industries (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-E20-PK
LeatherStellitalia SrlItaly3F-E23
LeatherSunjin Industry CoKorea3E-C08-KR
Fashion AccessSunlik Leather Products LtdChina1E-B25
Fashion AccessSuper Tannery LtdIndia1E-C18-IN
LeatherSuperhouse LtdIndia3E-A03-IN
LeatherSyn-Bios SpAItaly3D-A10-USA
LeatherTalent Dragon Holdings LtdHong Kong, China3F-B01
LeatherTannerie Arnal sasFrance3F-G18-FR-FFTM
LeatherTannerie PechdoFrance3G-A23-FR-FFTM
LeatherTannerie Remy CarriatFrance3F-G22-FR-FFTM
LeatherTanneries HaasFrance3G-A21-FR-FFTM
LeatherTanneries RouxFrance3G-B20-FR-FFTM
LeatherTannin CorporationUSA3D-A18-USA
LeatherTasman Tanning Co LtdNew Zealand3C-F11
LeatherTata International Pvt LtdIndia3E-A26-IN
LeatherTauheed International (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-E08-PK
Fashion AccessTeakwoodIndia1E-D09-IN
LeatherTecnochimica SpaItaly3B-C19
Materials+Tecno-Gi SpaItaly1C-B02
LeatherTeknotan Deri Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.STurkiye3G-D13-TR
LeatherTempesti SpaItaly3F-E16-IT
Fashion AccessTeplov ShoesSouth Africa (Rep of)1D-C03-SA
LeatherTess Dis Tic. Ltd. StiTurkiye3F-G01
Fashion AccessTestex, Swiss Textile -Testing LtdHong Kong, ChinaTBC
LeatherThe Leather & Hide Council of America - LHCAUSA3D-A02-USA
Fashion AccessThe South African Footwear & Leather Export CouncilSouth Africa (Rep of)1D-B12-SA
LeatherThema System SrlItalyTBC
LeatherThurling Investments (Pty) LtdSouth Africa (Rep of)3F-F19
LeatherTrendset Int'l Pte LtdSingapore3G-B13
LeatherTrumpler GmbH & Co. KG Chemische FabrikGermany3C-A22-DE
LeatherTurato Ricambi 1968 S.R.L.Italy3B-D10
LeatherTurco Deri Kimya San Ve Tic A.S.Turkiye3G-C14-TR
LeatherTurgut Kardesler Deri Ve Ayakkabi San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.Turkiye3G-C07-TR
LeatherTurkiye Sise Ve Cam Fabrikalari A.STurkiye3B-B21
LeatherTuscan Group SrlItaly3F-E06-IT
LeatherTuscania Industria Conciaria SpaItaly3F-E19-IT
LeatherTwin City Hide, Inc.USA3D-A14-USA
LeatherUngricht GmbH + Co. KGGermany3C-A28-DE
LeatherUNIC - Italian TanneriesItaly3F-D01-IT
LeatherUnion Hide CompanyUSA3D-A20-USA
LeatherUnion Leather & Ritti Imp ExpBrazil3C-E27-CICB
LeatherUnion Leathers Srl Società UnipersonaleItaly3D-A21
LeatherUnionpelli SRLItaly3C-E22
LeatherUnique ExportsIndia3E-A11-IN
LeatherUnique Tanning Industries (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-E16-PK
LeatherUnitan SAICAArgentina3B-B20
LeatherUniversal Leather (Pvt) LtdPakistan3E-F19-PK
LeatherUniversity of NorthamptonUK3F-B04-UK
LeatherUsak Cevahir Deri Tek Kon San Dis Tic LtdTurkiye3G-C04-TR
LeatherUyguner Deri San. ve Tic. A.S.Turkiye3G-B02-TR
Materials+Valle Esina S.p.a.Italy1C-C05
Fashion AccessVast Sky ShoesChina1C-D29
Fashion AccessVietnam Leather, Footwear and Handbag Association (LEFASO)VietnamTBC
Fashion AccessVishal EnterprisesIndia1E-C17-IN
LeatherVolpi Concerie SrlItaly3F-E09-IT
LeatherVölpker Spezialprodukte GmbHGermany3C-B23-DE
LeatherVRS Leathers Pvt LtdIndia3E-B05-IN
Materials+Vu Long Engineering Service-Trading Co LtdVietnam1C-E15.
LeatherWega SrlItalyTBC
LeatherWeinheimer Leder GmbHGermany3C-B24-DE
LeatherWellca Leather Trading Co LtdHong Kong, China3G-A12
LeatherWellour CourosBrazil3C-E19-CICB
Materials+Wenzhou Superchen Nonwoven Technology Co LtdChina1B-D16
LeatherWerner Wilhelm GmbhGermany3C-B26-DE
Materials+Wing Hon Precision Industry LtdHong Kong, China1C-E05
Materials+Wing Sun Metal Products LtdHong Kong, China1C-E06
Materials+Wingtex Textile Development Co LtdChina1B-E29
LeatherWipelli International SrlItaly3G-A14
LeatherWisdom International Machinery Electronic CorpTaiwan, China3B-A15
Fashion AccessWise Luck International LtdHong Kong, China1D-E20
LeatherWollsdorf LeatherAustria3G-B21
Fashion AccessWuhan Sinicline Enterprise Co LtdChina1E-B22
Fashion AccessXiamen Everrise Trading Co LtdChina1D-B05
Fashion AccessXiamen Xiaoyu Brands Co LtdChina1D-B07
LeatherXingye Leather Technology Co LtdChina3E-C19
LeatherXinxiang Liansheng Leather Co LtdChina3D-C27
LeatherYancheng Shibiao Machinery Manufacturing Co LtdChina3B-B33
LeatherYangzhou Young-Pearl Machinery Co LtdChina3B-A30
LeatherYantai Longyi Machinery Co LtdChina3B-A33
LeatherYantai Tannery Co LtdChina3E-C20
LeatherYaoqun Leather (HK) Co LtdHong Kong, China3D-D22
Fashion AccessYi Fan Xi (Guangzhou) Brand Management Co LtdChina1D-A24
LeatherYousaf TanneriesPakistan3E-F01-PK
LeatherYurim Machinery Mfg Co LtdKorea3B-E32-KR
Fashion AccessZambezi GraceSouth Africa (Rep of)1D-C01-SA
LeatherZenith Industrial Chemicals PTE LtdSingapore3B-C26
Fashion AccessZoya International Pvt LtdIndia1E-C16-IN
LeatherZschimmer & SchwarzChina3B-D01


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我們主辦多個專注時尚及生活潮流的商貿展覽會, 為這不斷變化的行業,提供最全面的買家及參展商服務,方便他們了解急速轉變的行業環境,並預測來季趨勢。