12 June 2024

Nike job cuts reach Europe

The US-based sportswear giant has cut jobs at its European headquarters in the city of Hilversum, just outside Amsterdam, as part of a multi-year cost-cutting plan, said Bloomberg by World Footwear.

Nike is laying off about 2% of its global workforce as part of a plan to cut 2 billion US dollars in costs. Approximately 750 employees were laid off at its global headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, and Converse, a Nike subsidiary in Boston, also cut some jobs.

Lay-offs have now reached the Nike campus in the Netherlands, known internally as EHQ, home to more than 2,000 employees, according to Bloomberg.

The news media recalled Nike Chief Executive Officer John Donahoe had signalled in an internal memo distributed to employees in February that the planned cuts in Europe, the Middle East and Africa would follow a different timetable to those in the company’s home market, where job cuts were made in two phases earlier this year.

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