6 June 2024

Leatherbiz Market Intelligence

Image shows the New Balance X Casablanca 327 shoe, a collaboration between the Boston-based athletic footwear brand and Paris-based fashion brand Casablanca. The shoe has perforated white leather uppers with colourful suede overlays.

No end in sight for retro shoe trend

A new edition of our Market Intelligence newsletter went live on June 4, with a familiar message. By Leatherbiz.

Overall, the market for leather remains flat in many segments, but the good news is that what the report calls “the current hype” surrounding retro trainers continues.

Many brands are pushing this trend forward. A number of these companies have old models that they can relaunch to tap into the trend, while further design variants are being developed. “There is almost no limit to the variety of colours and different types of leather that they can choose from,” the report says.

While accepting that the quantity of leather each pair of shoes uses is relatively small, sales of these shoes continue and Market Intelligence claims that there is “no end in sight”.

One aspect that the newsletter points to is that young, female consumers, often among the strongest supporters of environmental campaigns, are also among the most enthusiastic followers of this footwear trend.

It would be good if these consumers had made this choice out of an acceptance of leather’s sustainability credentials, it adds. Perhaps they have other reasons. However, market potential worldwide is good, it insists, and orders are being placed with tanneries.

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