3 June 2024

Leathergoods - Assopellettieri opens new headquarters in Florence

Assopellettieri, the association of Italian leather goods companies, has opened a new headquarters in Florence, located at Via delle Cascine 35 in the historic Manifattura Tabacchi complex. This marks the first office in the Tuscan District for the association. By Leatherbiz.

The decision to open an office in Tuscany reflects the association’s desire to be physically closer to the companies in the sector. According to data from the Confindustria Moda Study Centre for Assopellettieri, the Tuscan leather goods district is the most important in Italy, with an export value exceeding €5.1 billion in 2023.

The province of Florence alone accounts for €4.3 billion, making up 31% of Italian sectoral exports.

Claudia Sequi, president of Assopellettieri, stated, “We understood the need of the companies in the Tuscan district to have closer support from the Association. While maintaining the centrality of our Milan office, we chose to establish a presence in Florence to better support the over 2,300 leather goods companies in the region.”

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