3 June 2024

Chinese investments are being prepared for a tannery in Tajikistan

A large Chinese company wants to invest in the Khatlon region of Tajikistan. The main investment consists in the construction of a tannery. Work on its construction could begin in June, if the bureaucratic process for the identified land is completed. Last year, over 1.1 million skins of cattle and other small species were produced in Khatlon, writes Azer News. By La Conceria.

The investment

The Chinese company Fuxin Xinyida Agriculture & Industry Trade Company intends to build a tannery in Tajikistan, we said. And it also involves the construction of a factory for the production of wool. Both would exploit the local livestock heritage. The announcement came at the end of a visit by the CEO of the Chinese company Gao Jong Tao to the region. And he communicated it to the governor of the region itself.

Davlatali Said. During the meeting, the province’s bilateral relations with Chinese companies and the functioning of Tajik-Chinese joint ventures in the area were discussed. According to what was released by Asia-Plus, construction work on the new tannery could begin as early as next June. A way to make the most of the results of local sheep farming. “Unfortunately, only 0.4% of the leather available in the region has been processed so far,” concludes Said.

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