31 May 2024

Luxury rivals team up on surplus materials platform

LVMH has expanded its offering of surplus hides, sourced from LVMH houses and their tannery suppliers, to mark the third anniversary of its Nona Source materials platform. By Leatherbiz.

It has also launched a Parisian showroom that showcases more than 4 000 fabrics in a 120 square-metre space, and launched a material library featuring 150 materials, ranging from plant-based textiles to fish leather.

For the first time, Nona Source is opening its platform to luxury brands outside the group to revalue surplus fabrics from their old collections, with Chloé and Lanvin among first users.

Hélène Valade, director of environmental development at LVMH group, said: “Over the past three years, Nona Source has confirmed its role as an accelerator of circular economy, reinforcing its essential position within the industry.

“Our maisons have embraced the circular reflex by turning to Nona Source whenever they are looking for materials; it’s a perfect example of closed-loop reuse.

“One of the most significant achievements was that even some competitors’ maisons are collaborating with us. Luxury is changing!”

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