31 May 2024

Leather Naturally on Aviation Leather

Aircraft Interiors Expo takes off this week in Germany. We’re excited to see such an array of leather businesses on show, servicing the global airline industry.


Since the early days of aviation, leather has been used as an enduring material, trusted for its durability, long life, sustainability and style. From cabin interiors to flying jackets and caps, leather laces the heritage of flying and is still used extensively today.

Here are some of the leather x aviation brand stories at the show we love!

Specialising in low carbon leather, Muirhead will be launching their new FreeTAN® with free FR technology – the most sustainable aviation leather available today. With a commitment to eliminating the use of fossil fuels, oil-based elements, and heavy metals from all our operations, FreeTAN® is completely free from heavy metals, chrome, and glutaraldehyde. This not only reduces its environmental impact but also ensures the product meets exacting performance standards.

Based in the heart of Dallas, Aeristo will be celebrating over 30 years of supplying the aircraft sector with high performance leather. Their industrial perforation services combine advanced machinery with expert craftsmanship to deliver precision and efficiency for diverse applications. Serving the aviation, luxury yacht and hospitality sectors, Aeristo are well known for leather quilting for decorative seat inserts and side panels, custom leather perforating, leather embossing, laser etching services and embroidery.

With over 25 years in the industry, aviation scouts GmbH lead the way in sustainable aviation solutions. Their mission is to redefine cabin interiors, focusing on three key principles: reusing, upcycling, and recycling. Through their revolutionary online marketplace, they have transformed the sourcing landscape. With over 150 ship sets and 60 different seat models, aviationgate.com provides a transparent, efficient, and cost-effective solution for operators globally.

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