28 May 2024

Automotive - Americas move at Bentley as Christophe Georges returns to HQ

Bentley’s Continental GT Convertible

High-end automotive brand Bentley Motors has appointed Christophe Georges as its global sales and marketing director. By Leatherbiz.

Mr Georges has been with company for 25 years and has been its vice-president of sales in the Americas, which is its largest and most profitable market, since 2019.

In his new role, he will return to corporate headquarters in Crewe in north-west England to take overall responsibility for brand and product strategy.

Mike Rocco will succeed him in the Americas role. Bentley delivered 3,848 vehicles in the Americas in 2023, almost 30% of its global total, 13,560. There are 60 Bentley dealerships in the Americas and regional headquarters in Virginia.

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