27 May 2024

France: Second-hand leathergoods appeal to young French consumers

Bags from specialist second-hand leathergoods retailer Louise Paris.

Alliance France Cuir has shared more information from a leather-specific consumer attitude survey it carried out late last year. By Leatherbiz.


In the survey 82% of consumers said they buy products made from leather.


A particular tendency among young consumers, those aged between 18 and 24, caught Alliance France Cuir’s attention. The survey showed that 25% of consumers in this age group shop specifically for second-hand leathergoods, while 13% of them said they look for new and previously owned products.


Across the whole group of respondents, €85 emerged as the average price French consumers are prepared to pay for a pair of shoes. Only three people out of ten said they were prepared to spend more than €100 per pair on footwear.


With regard to handbags, the average price people in France will pay worked out at €153. The survey revealed that 15% of French consumers will pay more than €250 for a handbag.

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