21 May 2024

Leather Naturally - Great News!

Global Design Weeks are now in full flow and it’s been great to see leather stories presented in such a diverse and creative way at each one.

During Milan Design Week, ECCO organised workshops where visitors could customise panels and sheets of organic light pink leather developed by Ecco. Handmade natural dyes, petals and paint were used to create imprints and patterns on the material.

At London Craft Week, we celebrated the presentation of Bentleys Antiques London. An iconic store that honours the beauty of timeless leather pieces from travel luggage to hip flasks.

And we’re looking forward to the presentation of leather in many more design shows this year.

For all designers who want to explore or re-discover the provenance of leather, we’ll be sharing our Guide To Modern Leather Making this month. A series of content rich booklets that delve into every aspect of leather making.

Check out the highlights here: https://bit.ly/3C8oxLC

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