21 May 2024

Is It Leather? Writes on LinkedIn about Consumers’ Influence

Consumers are speaking…and retailers are beginning to listen! Take the Electric Vehicle (EV) push as an example. Governments around the world, and most recently the United States, have been pushing their constituents toward an all-electric future. As mandates rolled out, retailers lined-up behind them making claims and statements about ending gasoline powered vehicle production in 10 years, etc. etc. etc.

Sounds good – but did anyone ask the consumer? Enter “Range-Phobia,” lack of chargers, excessive cost, lack of vehicle choice, confusing tax credits and yes, eventually the fear of being “herded” to a choice of which they have no say. While EV continues to grow, they are nowhere near the projected rate for an all-electric takeover because consumers are saying “NO.”

Consumers ultimately have control over how they spend their money – which is a powerful force with retailers. And with negative consumer sentiment around EVs now being heard, magically OEMs are reconfiguring their forecasts, their investments and product line-ups to start meeting the demand of their customers (not activists and governments)!

With these changes, we are hoping the fallacy of “Vegan Leather” going hand-in-hand with the enviro-electric vehicle boom is also starting to change. Shifts from plastic to real leather are starting to occur, and EV companies like BYD and Polestar are actually changing course to offer real leather in their electric vehicles. Why? Because consumers are beginning to push back on the Greenwashing that is soaking their consumerism. Consumers are becoming tired of being told what they should want – especially when they experience the lack luster performance of the next “great thing.”

So…when it comes to the consumer disappointment on EVs range, infrastructure and variety driving change at the OEMs, we are hopeful that the fading, blistering plastic seats that adorn most of today’s $80K-$100K EVs will continue to force a change to real leather as well. Consumers unite! Demand your wants and needs are being met for your hard-earned money. Demand you have the choice for Real Leather!

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