17 May 2024

Repair Reuse Repurpose - From leather deadstock to patchwork fashion

Fashion Future – Series Report

It was a pleasant Sunday and a purposeful meeting to “Repurpose”, “Reuse” & “Repair” Leather & Leather Products.

The minutes of the meeting is as under:

1. Every tannery & Leather products manufacturer should analyse their dead stock and come out with solutions with all transparency for a better tomorrow.


2. The money involved in such dead stock does not make the money rotate and incidentally affects the cash flow of the business.


3. There can be many reasons and varying value for such stocks. But, any stock (money) which can be circulated is healthy for the industry.


4. Patchwork garments, bags, wallets, belts or even furniture and home furnishing products are not new.

What needs to change is the way to present it. Recently, “Coach” created a range “Coachtopia” wherein patchwork leather accessories were presented to their customers.

This was followed by other Brands.

5. This could be a great step towards REUSE & REPURPOSE our stocks.

6. Stocks of mink fur were cut in to small pcs and were made in to beautiful shopper bags by a medium sized brand.

7. Waist costs without lining and made of patch work could be a instant hit for the Autumn season. This could become a fashion and style statement.

8. Motorcycle gloves made trendy and sleeves for protection from sun tan for young women driving motorcycle could be another product, which could attract the final consumers.

9. “Coach” have brought in “Coach Tabby” in nice colors and cute small bags with quilted effect. We could take cue from here to “Repair” the old stock of leather products.

10. Interactions with Fashion institutes like FDDI, NIFT, CFTI offering such stock leathers to Kindle the imagination of young students to create products which will relate well with their generation could be a good idea as well.

The deliberations will continue and the point here is to make Leather the “All time Great, Natural product”.

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