17 May 2024

Host of new members join LWG

The Leather Working Group (LWG) has recently announced the inclusion of eleven new members during March and April. Notable among these additions are renowned luxury brands Giorgio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, and Kering. By Leatherbiz.

Beyond luxury fashion, the LWG has also welcomed a diverse array of industry players into its ranks. UK-based supermarket chain J Sainsbury plc joins the group, highlighting a growing interest in sustainable leather practices among retail giants. Additionally, Lamarque, known for its premium leather outerwear and accessories, brings its craftsmanship and contemporary designs under the LWG umbrella.

The Chesterfield Brand, MCM, Munro Footwear Group, E Gluck Corporation, Eileen Fisher, and Everboots further enrich the LWG membership with their respective contributions to the leather goods industry, spanning from fashion and footwear to accessories and beyond.

Together, these new members signify a commitment to promoting sustainable practices and standards within the leather industry.

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