2 May 2024

Zeology showcase - ‘Trash or Treasure’

During Milan Design Week, the Alcova Milano exhibition showcased the innovative Zeology Leather, a sustainable tanning method developed by Royal Smit and Zoon subsidiary Nera tanning, and further reinforced the aims to reduce waste by utilising animal hides, a by-product of the food industry. Report by Leatherbiz.

The exhibition highlighted the compostability of Zeology-tanned leather, which can enrich the soil upon its return to nature, providing a dual benefit of waste reduction and soil enrichment. The presentation aimed to raise awareness among diverse stakeholders, including consumers, brands, designers, and journalists, about the importance of ethical and responsible animal resource use.

Alcova Milano is a renowned platform that annually hosts an array of luminaries in the fields of design and manufacturing. It showcases ground breaking initiatives spanning living environments, product design, systems integration, material sciences, and technological advancements. Through its platform, Alcova catalyses discourse and innovation, making it a connection of exploration for the future of design and manufacturing.

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