17 April 2024

Design - Milan is the capital of design in April

Milan hosts the most important international event for the design industry. The 62nd edition of the Salone del Mobile takes place at Fieramilano from Tuesday 16 April until 6.30 pm on Sunday 21 April. By La Conceria.

The public will only be able to visit the show on weekends. 1,900 exhibitors will participate (30% foreign, coming from over 30 countries), slightly down on the approximately 2,000 of the previous year. Of these 1,900, 600 are designers under 35 from the Salone Satellite.

Overall, exhibitors will occupy 174,000 square meters of exhibition space. Last year the recorded attendance was 307,418 (+15% compared to 2022). The Salone del Mobile brings together some sections including the Salone Internazionale Del Complemento D’arredo , Workplace 3.0 (dedicated to work spaces), Biennale Eurocucina, S.Project.

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