15 April 2024

Leather Naturally - Craftsmanship and Community

Meet the Maker Dominika, the visionary behind PLUSKA, where family entrepreneurship meets eco-conscious design. Each bag, made from upcycled leather, embodies timeless style and sustainability.

“At PLUSKA, we are not just another brand; we are a community that nurtures everyone’s skills. Our bags are lovingly made by re-entering craftsmen and women over 50, who embrace their expertise amid the challenges of automation. Together, we celebrate craftsmanship and community.”

Read more about Meet the Maker Dominika and her brand PLUSKA, just hit the link.


關於亞太區皮革展 ​



我們主辦多個專注時尚及生活潮流的商貿展覽會, 為這不斷變化的行業,提供最全面的買家及參展商服務,方便他們了解急速轉變的行業環境,並預測來季趨勢。