10 April 2024

Portugal - APIC to host Fall Winter 2025-26 Trends by PT Leather InDesign Project

On April 10, APIC – The Portuguese Leather Industry Association – will host a trends presentation session of the collection the Fall/Winter 2025-26 season. By ILM.

The event will take place at CTIC – The Portuguese Leather Industry Technology Centre – in Alcanena, at 4pm (Portugal Time Zone – GMT).

The programme features João Carvalho, presenting the trends and the inspirations behind the Fall/Winter 2025-26 collection, and Gonçalo Santos, who will present two important projects: PT Leather InDesign and the IN-LEATHERS internationalisation project.

To follow the session for free, please register at https://forms.gle/5WHuaPhDG8ZJoyQG7. The session will be streamed online at www.tinyurl.com/fw2526-live.

Stay tuned for the latest trends by PT Leather InDesign Project and witness the process behind the only Trend Book on the planet with the combination of finished leathers and leather product prototypes to be presented within the season’s timings.

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