8 April 2024

Footwear - Portugal, the major exporter that sells 90% of its footwear production abroad

The Portuguese footwear industry assures that the work it has been doing to diversify markets has paid off. It is currently one of the most reputable footwear clusters in the world and exports to around 170 countries. The Portuguese footwear industry exports about 76 million pairs of shoes per year, which represents 90% of its total production and places the country as one of the largest exporters in relative terms worldwide. Report by CueroAmérica.

Among the markets that receive Portuguese footwear are, first of all, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Within Europe, Spain and the United Kingdom also stand out. But shoes from Portugal also reach countries like Anguilla, Madagascar, Liberia and Zimbabwe.

Luís Onofre, president of APICCAPS of Portugal.

According to Luís Onofre, president of APICCAPS, the success of Portuguese footwear is produced thanks to “the industry’s responsiveness, quality and excellent service.” The manager highlighted that the country “is one of the 20 safest in the world to do business” and added that “the Portuguese industry is constantly evolving and wants to be an international reference in the development of sustainable solutions.”

In fact, the Association is carrying out an awareness program on sustainable practices in schools. “This is a great opportunity to present the industry of the future and raise awareness among young people about sustainability from an early age,” said Paulo Gonçalves, coordinator of the program that involves more than 80 study houses.

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