3 April 2024

Chinese Song Shin Leather invests in a tannery in Bangladesh

On paper, the commitment of Song Shin Leather, a Chinese tanning group with headquarters in Guangdong, is interesting. According to the agreement signed on March 27 with the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) and the local authorities, it will invest 6 million dollars (around 5.5 million euros) for a tannery in the Comilla area. For the Bangladeshi leather supply chain, which for years has not been able to regenerate itself (the flop in the Savar district is emblematic), an injection of confidence, as well as capital. Report by La Conceria.

The Chinese commitment

Of course, at the moment Song Shin Leather’s commitment is only a commitment on paper. According to the BSS news agency, it is not known when the Chinese group plans to open the new plant or what conditions it has obtained from the Bangladeshi authorities. We only know that the plant will process cow and buffalo hides with a projected 750,000 square meters of material per year. Furthermore, when it is at full capacity, the promoters intend to have up to 100 employees.

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