22 March 2024

Italy: UNIC - Concerie Italiane says leather output in Italy is the lowest in 40 years

The general manager of Italy’s main tanning industry body UNIC, Fulvia Bacchi, has said the organisation expects full-year figures for 2023 to show a fall of 12% in the industry’s output and of 7.6% in its revenues. Report by Leatherbiz.

Based on published figures for 2022, these declines would suggest that Italian leather manufacturers produced 96.8 million square-metres of finished leather last year and brought in revenues of €4.25 billion.

Speaking at an industry event in Arzignano on March 13, Ms Bacchi said industry leaders were worried because production levels in the leather sector in Italy were at their lowest level in 40 years.

“There are a number of causes of this situation,” she said, mentioning geopolitical tensions, inflation levels, lower consumer spending and climate change. But among the factors that have created what she called “a perfect storm”, she also mentioned over-production by brands.


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