21 March 2024

Wet blue leather from Mexico

Tecnocuero is based right in the heart of Mexico’s leather making and shoe manufacturing centre of Leon, in the state of Guanajuato. Here is the most important cluster for the manufacture of automotive leather in the Americas, as well as the most technically advanced wet blue plant.

This plant is producing 3,000 wet blue pieces a day and has a maximum capacity of 145,000 pieces per month, working three shifts.

With such available production capacity, this plant supplies major automotive leather makers, such as Bader and Toyota throughout the continent.

Manager Miguel Angel Dominguez noted that automotive leather is buoyant, but the shoe industry has yet to “wake up”.

Mr Dominguez was very enthusiastic about APLF Leather this year as he considered the visitor flow and quality of buyers much better than the last event held in Hong Kong, five years ago.

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