19 March 2024

Turkish Company combats microorganisms

Gisem Sencan, Export sales supervisor of the Turkish company SISECAM was impressed with the movement in the fair on the first morning of APLF 2024.


The company is a service provider of V-Block Technology, as approved by accredited laboratories and institutions. V-Block helps to prevent growth of microorganisms on glass and other surfaces.


The number of people on the stand made crisp interviewing difficult but this company aims to sell its services worldwide and this is the reason why APLF, as a global event, is an important business platform for international sales and marketing.


When asked about the first impression of the fair after three hours after the opening, Gisem Sencan said, “Yes, the number of visitors is good considering it is the first morning of the event.”

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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