20 March 2024

“Many visitors from all over the world” – Leather Insiders of APLF’s return to Hong Kong

Image: Visitors gather masse for the opening of APLF

Professional newsletter for the leather industry, Leather Insiders writes that the first day of APLF witnessed many visitors and attendees from all over the world. This fair, which returns after 4 years, is a unique opportunity for global leather industry professionals especially for Chinese people who were missed to see over the past 4 years to discover the latest trends, meet new suppliers and form business relationships.

Hailed as a top-class leather exhibition, APLF Leather offers matching and networking opportunities, along with a programmmee of seminars and trend forecasts. The accelerating growth of global tourism in the post-pandemic world is a catalyst for sales of luxury fashion items, including leather.

Along with the plus factor of the return of leather in fashion market, APLF provides a showcase for companies to reveal their latest leather materials and collections, giving visitors not just sourcing opportunities but also the chance to assess current and coming trends.

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