19 March 2024

APLF 2024 underway in Hong Kong

The 2024 edition of APLF was officially opened on 19March at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre by Margaret Ma Connolly, who is the President and CEO of Informa Markets in Asia.


Informa and La Semaine Internationale du Cuir from Paris Paris are joint stockholders of APLF Limited.


In her address, Ms Connolly spoke about 2024 being the 40th year since APLF was launched in Hong Kong in 1984, and how the fair had ridden the economic and commercial vicissitudes of its four decades of existence.


She also highlighted how the event was a key element for leather as it had become the Meeting Place of the Global Leather Industry. As a business platform it offered opportunities to companies and leather professionals to reacquaint themselves with existing customers and realise new contacts during the three days of the fair.


She concluded by noting that it was the synergy of exhibitors and visitors coming together at the fair that would contribute to the success of the industry.

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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