15 March 2024

France - Conseil National du Cuir rebrands as Alliance France Cuir

The Conseil National du Cuir (CNC) in France has announced a rebrand, changing its name to Alliance France Cuir (AFCuir), reports www.internationalleathermaker.com.

The main motivation for the change is to avoid confusion with other organisations named CNC, including the National Cinema Center, the National Consumer Council and, more recently, the National Commerce Council.

Moreover, the association notes that its new name “echoes the representativeness of the sectors grouped within the leather sector, in a more explicit and modern way, consistent with the operation and missions of the AFCuir structure”.

In addition to the new name, AFCuir has a new logo, made up of its initials, which it says some will see as a flame, a symbol of passion, while others will interpret as an engine and the momentum that brings us together to get going.

The rebrand will be followed by the launch of a new brand platform, coinciding with the appointment of a new President, after current President Frank Boehly announced his departure.

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