11 March 2024

Shipping - The director of Shipping Italy on the future of Mediterranean routes


Since the end of 2023, the Red Sea crisis has pushed ship owners to prefer the circumnavigation of Africa. The incessant Houthi attacks make passage through the Suez Canal too risky, shifting the center of gravity of transport from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. In the February issue of the monthly magazine La Conceria we interviewed Nicola Capuzzo (pictured), founder and director of the specialist publications Shipping Italy and Air Cargo Italy. And with him we tried to understand how much this imbalance is cyclical. And how much, instead, structural. By La Conceria.

The future of Mediterranean routes

The February issue of La Conceria is entitled “Market prospects in a war economy”. And, on the other hand, among the main consequences of the war waged by Israel against Hamas after the events of 7 October (a conflict which adds to the now long-standing one – alas – between Russia and Ukraine) there is precisely the shock to international logistics. System which, as we discovered already during Covid, really keeps the global economy going. We talk about this with the director of Shipping Italy in the report “Waiting for the return of traffic in the Mediterranean (but is it coming back?)”. Together with his opinion, we also collect the testimonies of Michele Taccetti (China 2000) and entrepreneurs in the supply chain.

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