8 March 2024

SLF and Weev sign MoU

The Sustainable Leather Foundation (SLF) writes on LinkedIn that we are delighted to announce that the SLF and weev.one have entered a formal Memorandum of Understanding that is designed to create more effective industry communication channels for demonstrating sustainability and due diligence.

This collaboration will bring together the power of more efficient material sourcing, with the ESG due diligence of the suppliers of the materials.

Deborah Taylor, Founder and Managing Director of Sustainable Leather Foundation, commented “Since 2020 when the Foundation was first set up, we have been committed to working across the whole leather value chain to support sustainable improvement and practices. Working closely with Weev now, allows us to extend our remit to the designers who might not ordinarily be exposed to the sustainability of the facilities that are manufacturing the leather they select. We see this as a great opportunity to embed sustainability into the design proposition and thought process.”

“Weev’s intelligent platform is a great example of how systems can be adopted to support sustainability objectives and we are looking forward to developing our work with them in the coming months and years.” says, Taylor.

You can find more information about this exciting collaboration below:

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