8 March 2024

Leather Naturally - Talking to Chiara Mastratto

Just before International Women’s Day, we recently had an interview with Chiara Mastrotto. A figurehead for the leather industry and who is hugely committed at Gruppo Mastrotto, to maximising employing eco-friendly tanning and production methods, ensuring minimal waste and environmental impact. We asked Chiara following: the concept of a circular economy is becoming increasingly popular. Leather is of course part of the circular economy. Where could we as industry improve to demonstrate it to the consumers?

The leather industry is intrinsically linked to the circular economy, but there’s always room for improvement. We need to focus on enhancing traceability and transparency in our supply chains. This involves ensuring that every step, from sourcing to production, adheres to the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. Investing in innovation to develop more sustainable tanning and finishing processes, reducing water and energy usage, and finding new ways to repurpose leather waste and by-products can significantly demonstrate our commitment to the circular economy. Additionally, collaborating with other industries to find new uses for leather scraps and promoting leather recycling initiatives can further strengthen this message.

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