6 March 2024

Chemicals - ECHA admits Chrome VI infographic was wrong


The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has admitted that an infographic it published about leather was incorrect, writes Leatherbiz.

The ECHA was critisised by CTC for misrepresenting leather and implying that it contained carcinogenic chrome VI. CTC argued that ECHA had not justified its restriction of Chromium VI in leather items based on its carcinogenic nature, only as a skin sensitiser.

The background document to the RAC/SEAC opinion highlights the lack of studies on dermal carcinogenicity of Cr (VI) when setting up this restriction. ECHA has now revised the infographic and removed the information regarding the carcinogenic issues with leather and chrome VI.

ECHA posted a reply to the Leatherbiz ‘X’ account (formerly Twitter) carrying the initial news story and said: “We have now reviewed the info with regard to the restriction, made necessary amendments. We appreciate your diligence and are committed to providing accurate information to our audiences.”

The amended image (pictured) now makes no connection to leather and carcinogenic chromium.

In response to the changes, Thierry Poncet, manager of leather and sustainable development departments at CTC said: “We are delighted about that outcome, we need to be very united on all these issues”.

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