4 March 2024

Itay Challenges EU Anti-Leather “Green Agenda”

Is it Leather? Writes on LinkedIn.

Here is another great example of Italy’s assertive global leadership on behalf of the leather industry. Fabrizio Nuti, president of the Italian Tanners’ Association (UNIC) and Massimo Bitonci, Italian Minister of Business, called for “immediate action” to be taken against the EU’s Regulation on Deforestation. In a meeting with a member of the European Parliament, they called the EU push for full traceability a needless policy that followed a false green agenda which threatens jobs and the supply of Italian leather.

“This requirement imposes an unnecessary increase in bureaucracy on a sector [the Italian leather industry] that not only causes no harm to forests, but actually recovers waste from the meat industry and turns it into a noble material,” the minister said.

UNIC is one of the staunchest leather advocate organizations in the world with unmatched expertise and data regarding environmental sustainability. Their constant vigilance fighting harmful regulations and refuting false narratives is an anchor in the global leather industry struggle against greenwashing activists. Their push gets even stronger as their efforts are fully backed by the pro-leather Italian government who understands, promotes and protects one of their countries most important industries – leather. It is a great example of private/public partnership working together toward a common goal.

It would be powerful for the industry if other governments followed this example and realized the truths about the industry – instead of letting activist politics rule the day.

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