29 February 2024

Is it leather? Writes on disinformation

Veganism will save our planet. The billionaires know it's a hoax - why don't we?

Mark Zuckerberg jokes in a Fortune interview, “If I’m ever done with Meta, I’m going to run Mark’s Meats.”

A sad but scary truth. We as a global population are “fed” the information that cattle are destroying the planet, that we must eat less meat to save our health, and our environment…and yet we have billionaires who could choose to invest in ANYTHING in the world – and what do they invest in? Top-quality cattle ranching on their Hawaiian property.

The dichotomy of billionaires having access to the truth for their own benefit but yet perpetuating misinformation and deceptive marketing through their platforms and businesses is appalling.

Explain to the world your vision for Mark’s Meats and explain why cattle ranching is not only a part of our sustainable future, but absolutely necessary.

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