26 February 2024

Italy - Dani and IFM celebrate collaboration

Italian tanner Dani and the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) celebrated their collaboration with student projects on display in the UNIC showroom in central Milan. Report by ILM.

“Best of DANI x IFM” presented a few of the creations from the Accessory Design of the Master of Arts course across the past decade, with sustainable leather as the main material.

Under the supervision of Leyla Neri and faculty members Heidi Mueller and Julie Asperti-Boursin, students in the Accessory Design course have been involved in workshops in collaboration with Dani to discover how leather is made and its benefits for finished products.

The IFM is a higher education institution, a training centre for apprentices, a provider of management training and a centre of expertise for the textile, fashion and luxury industry, based in Paris, France.

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