23 February 2024

Brazil - GETTI achieves ZDHC level 3 certification

GETTI Química recently achieved an important milestone. The company – a specialist in chemical products for tanning, retanning and finishing in the leather sector – was certified with level 3 in the ZDHC program, a global reference in sustainability and safety.

This achievement recognizes all the work carried out by GETTI with the best sustainability practices. Sustainability regards to the delivery of high-performance and economically viable products that meet social and environmental issues. GETTI was audited by Eurofins / BLC, through the Chem-MAP program, which checks the conformity of products in relation to the ZDHC / MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List) in its most current version, 3.1.

“GETTI has always been in line with the best practices for the environment and people’s health. Its products comply with the main international restricted substance programs”, highlights the company. The ZDHC program emerged in 2015 and from the beginning, GETTI fulfilled the demands regarding the list of restricted products. This last stage that GETTI achieved, level 3, refers to addressing much more comprehensive issues related to corporate management, which involve the environment, social and governance aspects.

ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) is a global organization that promotes the phase-out of hazardous chemicals in the fashion sector. It aims to ensure that no harmful chemicals are discarded into the environment and is used as an information base for LWG certification protocols (MRSL).

This is an achievement that endorses the organization’s concern and respect for sustainability practices in the leather industry, providing the market with constantly improving solutions to protect workers, consumers and the entire planet.

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