21 February 2024

United States of America - LHCA Appoint Kerry Brozyna as President

Manufacturing and supply chain expertise central key as leather charts a sustainable future.

Life Cycle Assessment will set out leathers low carbon credentials says Brozyna.

Former Wolverine Worldwide VP, Kerry Brozyna, Appointed President of Leather & Hide Council of America.

(Washington DC) The Leather & Hide Council of America (L&HCA) has appointed Kerry Brozyna as Acting President, effective June 2024. He brings significant experience in brands, manufacturing and international supply chain management as he moves from Wolverine Worldwide (WWW), where he served as Vice President and General Manager.

Brozyna, currently serving as co-chair on the board of L&HCA, takes over from Stephen Sothmann, who served as L&HCA President for twelve years and who now joins DTB AgriTrade and follows an open selection process conducted by the L&HCA executive committee.

In his new role, Brozyna will oversee the strategic direction of L&HCA, both as the voice of a U.S. industry worth more than $1 billion per annum and exporting some 95% percent of its cattle hides and wet blue leather products. Central to this will be the L&HCAs groundbreaking Industry Sustainability Program that brings together partners from across the supply chain to promote best practice in manufacturing and championing the use of sustainable and high-quality leather in international markets.

Key to this will be the publication of the first comprehensive and independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of U.S. cowhide production due to be released at the Economist Sustainability Summit in London in March 2024. The LCA is a data driven study that is expected to show a significantly smaller environmental footprint of leather than previous models. Brozyna commented: “The textile industry is at a crossroads – as is the leather industry – where a firm commitment is required to solutions that are as good for the planet as they are for business. We must protect and grow international markets and educate stakeholders and consumers as to why slow style, for example, is preferrable to fast fashion.

“I am excited to support the industry in its rapid evolution and to capitalize on the opportunity for leather as a unique industry that consumes, rather than creates, waste. We provide answers to many challenges facing the textile industry and our planet today.”

Chad Robertson, Chair, Leather and Hide Council of America:

“Kerry brings real commercial know-how, brand and consumer insight and understanding of the leather industry. As such he is ideally positioned to lead the L&HCA as it works to influence the international industry and engage our commercial and consumer audiences.”

The L&HCA was established to promote the U.S. leather industry and represents the interests of 75 member companies across the leather supply chain. A full-service trade association, L&HCA provides its members with government, public relations and international trade assistance and support.

The association is also a co-operator organization under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s foreign market development programs, furthering opportunities for U.S. agricultural exports. For more information visit www.usleather.org.

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