21 February 2024

India - Leather and footwear industry to reach 47.1 billion USD by 2030

India’s leather and footwear industry turnover is expected to grow significantly from around 17.3 billion today to 47.1 billion USD by 2030, according to a strategic document for the sector Report by World Footwear.

The Vision Document-2030, published by the Council for Leather Exports (CLE) and the Leather Export Promotion Council for Leather Products, forecasts a significant increase in leather and footwear production and exports from around 17.3 billion US dollars today to 47.1 billion US dollars by 2030.

This target includes a domestic turnover of about 33.4 billion US dollars and an export turnover of 13.7 billion US dollars (respectively, 12 billion US dollars and 5.3 billion US dollars today).

It is also worth noting, according to Sanjay Leekha, Chairman of CLE, quoted by The Times of India, that of the 47.1 billion US dollars target, “the share of the footwear sector (both leather and non-leather) is around 50%, which shows the importance of the footwear sector in accelerating the production and exports”.

In addition, the document outlines the global outlook for the industry, market and industry pulse analysis, regulatory and infrastructure landscape, best practices and recommendations for the short, medium and long term to achieve the vision set for 2030.

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