20 February 2024

Veg Tanning: Silvateam - Olivenleder deal hailed as a turning point for the industry

Italy-based leather chemicals group Silvateam has acquired a majority stake in wet-Green GmbH, developer of the patented Olivenleder technology. The Olivenleder process uses residues from olive oil industry in leather production.

Silvateam said the new alliance would be “a new North Star” for sustainable innovation in the leather industry. It added: “This partnership sends a clear signal to the industry: the future lies in sustainable, plant-based solutions.”

It said its existing core capabilities in the production and supply of plant-based extracts for leather manufacture will make it possible to scale up the availability of the Olivenleder tanning agent. Production of wet-Green’s patented offering will now be streamlined as part of Silvateam’s wider operation.

The Italian company views Olivenleder as an ideal complement to its Ecotan range of technologies. Both involve the use of only 100% bio-based, natural products in the making of leather.

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