20 February 2024

Ecco launches Digitalized Leathers

Ecco Leather has introduced an innovative way to transform the design experience for creators. Leathers are now available in a digital format, called Digitalized Leathers, which offer “a paradigm shift in leather exploration”, writes Leatherbiz.

Designers can quickly change materials and colours, which minimises waste and sampling, making the journey from concept to execution more streamlined and efficient.

Ecco says the digitalized leathers have been designed with the needs of designers in mind, showcasing versatility and adaptability across industries, including traditional fashion and gaming.

Although the physical tactile experience of leather remains unmatched, Digitalized Leathers provide an exceptional digital alternative. They allow for colour, drape, and substance alterations, which can be seamlessly integrated into designers’ workflows.

The files are available in SBSAR and PNG formats, which are compatible with common software programs that designers use.

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