19 February 2024

Portugal - Finding one APIC presents Spring/Summer 2025 Collection Book

On February 1, at the Tannery Museum in Alcanena, APIC – The Portuguese Leather Industry Association – hosted a presentation session for the Spring/Summer 2025 Collection Book. Report by ILM.

The event aimed to enhance the capacity of tannery companies and the sector in product development, fostering an approach to international markets by showcasing innovative products that meet their requirements.

The event was attended by João Carvalho, who elaborated on the various inspirations behind the collection. Throughout the presentation, details about the finished leathers and prototypes of the collection were unveiled. Additionally, Gonçalo Santos provided insights into two significant projects: PT Leather in Design and the IN-LEATHERS Internationalisation project.

This partnership also involves CTIC – The Portuguese Leather Industry Technology Centre, CFPIC – The Professional Training Centre for the Footwear Industry, CINDOR – The Vocational Training Centre for the Goldsmiths and Watchmakers Industry, and UP – Publicity Agency, represented by its Manager, Nuno Teodoro.

The session was attended by several guests and was concluded by the Mayor of Alcanena, Rui Anastácio.

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