19 February 2024

Leather Naturally Breakfast Meeting at APLF 2024

Start your day with a dose of inspiration on the 20th of March at the upcoming APLF Fair in Hong Kong.


Join us for a 1-hour morning session packed with engaging discussions, networking opportunities and valuable insights. 


Why should you sign up? 
Listen to industry experts, address topics and participate in panel discussions about:

  • World Leather Day and opportunities for involvement.
  • Insight into Leather Naturally’s LCA research
  • An introduction of the “Get the Facts” icon designed for retailers, brands and designers


Panel discussion:

  • How brands can increase their understanding about leather
  • Using the LCA study
  • Optimising social media strategies for the leather industry


Secure your place now by registering at:

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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