2 February 2024

Italy - Campania President visits SSIP headquarters

Vincenzo De Luca, President of the Campania Region of Italy, visited the Italian Leather Research Institute (SSIP) on January 25. Report by ILM.

He said: “Success is represented by the quality of our productions and the SSIP is a decisive institution for product control, training and research. We as a region must guarantee credit to businesses and professional training.”

De Luca toured SSIP’s headquarters in the Adriano Olivetti technological park in Pozzuoli and reiterated the local government’s support for the leather industry.

He added, “The numbers that have been illustrated are extraordinarily significant, we are talking about €100 billion in direct and indirect economic movement in our leather processing system, which covers almost a quarter of the world’s production.”

Edoardo Imperiale, Director General of the SSIP, said: “The support of President De Luca projects the SSIP to build a national ecosystem of excellence to support green development and circular technology of the production system, configuring itself as the global hub for research, training and innovation in the tanning sector, capable of responding to the scientific and technological needs of leather-using industries, with particular reference to the automotive, furniture, fashion, footwear and leather goods sectors.”

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