31 January 2024

Real vs Vegan

Nikki Gustafsonwrites on Linkedin…………………I’m sick of seeing so many companies advertise things as “vegan leather” in order to appeal to customers wanting to be more sustainable.


Most of it is just made out of plastic, so it wears out way faster and is worse for the environment than just investing in a really good #leather product that’ll last you a lifetime. especially if you get it from a company that uses dead stock leather, since then you’re not using new materials.

Vegan = plastic that’s labeled as vegan to try make the brand look good.

To be clear, I have nothing against veganism. If someone buys a faux product because it’s against their personal moral code, that’s fine by me.

My problem is with the companies who use the fact that veganism and environmentalism go hand in hand, and use the term vegan to make them look more sustainable than they actually are…IT’S THE BLATANT LIES TOLD TO CONSUMERS.

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