24 January 2024

LVMH appoints CEO for LVMH Fashion Group

LVMH has announced Michael Burke as the new Chairman and CEO of LVMH Fashion Group, reports ILM.

Burke succeeds Sidney Toledano, who has also left the LVMH Executive Committee and has been appointed as Advisor to Bernard Arnault.

Arnault said: “Sidney Toledano is an exceptional leader who has been by my side for many years, firstly at Dior and then at the LVMH Fashion Group. Over more than 30 years of close and fruitful collaboration, he has identified and promoted numerous creative talents who are now among the world’s most recognised designers.”

Burke became CEO of Christian Dior USA in 1986 before going on to lead Louis Vuitton North America, Christian Dior Couture, Fendi, Bulgari and then Louis Vuitton. Since February 2023, has has been Strategic Advisor to the Chairman.

Arnault added: “After steering Louis Vuitton to new levels of success, I am delighted to see Michael Burke as Head of the Fashion Group. By my side even before the creation of LVMH, he has always been a key player in the Group’s success, largely thanks to his remarkable discernment and finesse of his work at the Head of Fendi, Bulgari and Louis Vuitton.

“These Maisons continued to grow and evolve while remaining faithful to their heritage and to their unique savoir-faire. Under his leadership, Louis Vuitton became the largest and most prestigious Maison in the world, placing culture at the heart of its creative vision and development. His extensive experience and his passion for craft and creativity are invaluable assets to pursue and further accelerate the dynamic growth of the Maisons in the LVMH Fashion Group.”

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